• Group Pictures

  • New Fridge

    Admiring the new dilution fridge inside the shielding room.

  • Deciding what to do about the extremely heavy piece of expensive equipment -- how do we lower it into the pit?

  • The fridge is thankfully safely suspended in the pit.

  • "Multi-tasking"

  • Experimentation

    Control panel for the gas-handling system portion of the new fridge.

  • Testing the weight-bearing capacity of our hand-made support structure.

  • Refilling the cold trap with liquid nitrogen and causing a cool cloud effect to flood the hallway at the same time.

  • Fixing and cleaning the thermal evaporator we use to evaporate metals during sample preparation.

  • Using a containment box to carefully exfoliate graphene onto a clean substrate.

  • Cutting a metal beam down to size for the support structure.



    Working on the previous installation of the fridge while perching precariously over the pit.



    Our advisor being very hands-on in the construction of the lab by digging out the pit (2001).



    'Fixing' the scanning microscope…and learning a lesson about proper tool usage.



    Expressing frustration (or brain freeze…or telepathic powers?).



    Being serious in the face of so much picture-taking.



    'Working' (posing) in the hood.

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